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Let your waves crash down on me ...

... and take me awaii .... *

bury my feet in the sand & my body in the ocean <3
23 July
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50s music, a walk to remember, abercrombie & fitch, adam sandler, aim, alanis morisette, american eagle, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, beaches, betty boop, blink 182, bodyboarding, boy meets world, breaking benjamin, camping, candy, cappuccino flavored lipgloss, chad michael murray, chicken cordean bleu, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, christmas music, clothes, dancing, daydreaming, diamonds, die hard, digital cameras, disney world, dunkin donuts coolattas, egg nog, everybody loves raymond, eyeliner, fall, fashion, ferris bueller, flip flops, french fries, friends, gavin degraw, gilmore girls, glitter, grease, greenday, h&m, halloween, high school, hoodies, hot coco, i love lucy, iming, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, josh groban, jude law, junk food, keane, laughing, laughing hysterically, lawki, linkin park, lipgloss, makeup, maroon 5, matchbook romance, mcdonalds apple pies, mean girls, michael phelps, modest mouse, movies, music, my chemical romance, napolean dynamite, no doubt, nsync, one tree hill, orange, papa roach, parasailing, pictures, pina coladas, pink, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, punk'd, purple, red hot chili peppers, roller coasters, romantic movies, ryan cabrera, s'mores, sad movies, saranac village, shoes, shooting stars, shopping, skiing, sleeping, slippers, snl, snow, sophia bush, story of the year, sublime, summer, sunsets, surfers, swimming, switchfoot, taking pictures, that 70s show, the beach, the killers, the notebook, the used, topher grace, trapt, wake boarding, water skiing, wendy's, wet seal, winter, wishing on stars, wrrv, yellowcard, young life